WISERD researchers create new website to examine access to key services in Wales

Close-up of bike gears

A prototype website has been developed by WISERD researchers based at the GIS Research Centre at the University of South Wales (USW) which examines access to key services in Wales. This is part of an ongoing research programme investigating geographical access to services in Wales.

The website allows users to see indicators of accessibility to key services, at a postcode level, while walking or cycling (often referred to as ‘active travel’) and also by way of car or public transport. Counts of the number of reachable service points and the range of accessible services are available for travel times of between five and 30 minutes. This analysis has the potential to support studies concerned with promoting active means of travel to facilities at national, local authority and political constituency levels.

To find out more, read the briefing paper (Price et al., 2022). The research team welcomes feedback on this prototype version of the site to assist them in future enhancements, including the possible addition of further interactive analysis tools.

Please contact one of the team:

Mitchel Langford: mitchel.langford@southwales.ac.uk

Andrew Price: andrew.price@southwales.ac.uk

Gary Higgs: gary.higgs@southwales.ac.uk


The research is supported by the WISERD Civil Society Research Programme ‘Changing Perspectives on Civic Stratification and Civil Repair’ funded by the ESRC (ES/S006974/1).


Photo by Wayne Bishop on Unsplash