This network is aimed at academics engaged in inter-disciplinary and/or multi-disciplinary well-being research and its promotion across policy, and in statutory and non-statutory practice-based contexts. The network seeks to champion well-being research from various disciplines, including, social and political philosophy, social policy, sociology, economics, social geography, political science, psychology, and health.

It is also aimed at engaging policymakers, practitioners, and service-users, based on co-productive principles, which systematically includes non-academic ‘voices’ in the research process. Subsequently, the network will also reflect the agendas, knowledge and experience of key non-academic stakeholders, working alongside academics to inform the development of positively impactful policy and practice-based interventions.

Future events and activities will likely include, similar panels or workshops promoting inter-disciplinary and/or multi-disciplinary well-being research; disseminating and sharing of network members’ research and other activities; and, facilitating events which engage academics with policymakers, practitioners, and service-users, based on co-productive principles.

This network was launched at the event ‘Well-Being and Social Participation: Education, Cultural Engagement, and Health’ as part of the WISERD Summer Series 2021. This was led by academics from the University of South Wales from different disciplines: Steve Smith, Marie Clifford, James Rendell, and Emma Wheeler.

Steve Smith is Professor of Political Philosophy and Social Policy, from the University of South Wales, and leads the network. He is recruiting a leadership team to promote and develop the network. So, if you are interested in contributing, please don’t hesitate to contact him on



Leadership team