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WISERD Research - Covid-19: policy responses and social consequences report - front cover
WISERD Research – Covid-19: policy responses and social consequences

Introduction The arrival of Covid-19 to the UK in early 2020 led to rapid and far-reaching changes in the way we live our lives. ‘Lockdown’ led to school closures and working from home became the norm for many workers. And while most shops and businesses closed, ‘key’ workers and services experienced unprecedented pressures. For the…

Citizenship Studies 25(8) cover
The dilemmas around digital citizenship in a post-Brexit and post-pandemic Northern Ireland: towards an algorithmic nation?

Northern Ireland (NI) has pervasively been a fragile and often disputed city-regional nation. Despite NI’s slim majority in favour of remaining in the EU, de facto Brexit, post-pandemic challenges and the Northern Ireland Protocol (NIP) have revealed a dilemma: people of all political hues have started to question aspects of their own citizenship. Consequently, this article suggests…

Citizenship Studies 25(8) cover
Emerging digital citizenship regimes: Pandemic, algorithmic, liquid, metropolitan, and stateless citizenships

This article develops a conceptual taxonomy of five emerging digital citizenship regimes: (i) the globalised and generalisable regime called pandemic citizenship that clarifies how post-COVID-19 datafication processes have amplified the emergence of four intertwined, non-mutually exclusive, and non-generalisable new techno-politicalised and city-regionalised digital citizenship regimes in certain European nation-states’ urban areas; (ii) algorithmic citizenship, which…

Eurasian geography and economics journal cover
The Cold War from the Margins: A Small Socialist State on the Global Cultural Scene

A book review of The Cold War from the margins: a small socialist state on the global cultural scene, by Theodora K. Dragostinova, Cornell University Press, 2021. There is a voluminous literature on the 20th century Cold War between the socialist Soviet Union and the capitalist United States of America and their ideological and military…

COVID-19 and the labour market outcomes of disabled people in the UK

Highlights We explore disability-related labour market inequality in the UK during COVID-19. We estimate COVID-19 work-related risk factors and changes in outcomes. Disabled workers face greater COVID-19 economic and health risks pre-pandemic. Disability gaps in employment and pay exhibit minimal change one year post-pandemic. Disabled workers have a markedly larger rise in being temporarily away…

Journal cover
Psychological Processes in Adapting to Dementia: Illness Representations Among the IDEAL Cohort

How people understand and adapt to living with dementia may influence well-being. Leventhal’s Common Sense Model (CSM) of Self-Regulation provides a theoretical basis for exploring this process. We used cross-sectional and longitudinal data from 1,109 people with mild-to-moderate dementia in the Improving the experience of Dementia and Enhancing Active Life (IDEAL) cohort. We elicited dementia representations (DRs) using the…

Local Civil Society Book Cove
Local Civil Society: Time, Place and Boundaries

Civil Society Book Series 2021 Drawing on place-based field investigations and new empirical analysis, this original book investigates civil society at local level. The concept of civil society is contested and multifaceted, and this text offers assessment and clarification of debates concerning the intertwining of civil society, the state and local community relations. Analysing two…

Cover of The Rohingya Crisis Human Rights Issues, Policy Concerns and Burden Sharing
‘Situated Knowledge’ – Exploring Civil Society Views on the Rohingya Crisis

The Rohingyas have become a ‘crisis’ for all including the host countries, the international community and even for themselves. Much has been written about the clearance operation perpetrated by Myanmar military forces and vigilantes in 2017, forcing Rohingya survivors to migrate and seek refuge in other countries. How they have been surviving during the post-2017…

Journal of Urban Affairs
People-Centered Smart Cities: An Exploratory Action Research on the Cities’ Coalition for Digital Rights

Declarations and manifestos have emerged across the world claiming to protect citizens’ digital rights. Data-driven technologies in global cities not only have yielded techno-euphoria but also have intensified techno-political concerns as reflected in UN-Habitat’s flagship program called “People-Centered Smart Cities” (PCSC) that advocates the willingness to promote inclusiveness while subverting the technocratic smart city meaning….