PhD Student
Cardiff University


Prior to starting at Cardiff University, Amy had over 10 years’ experience working in the Welsh third sector as a co-owner and director of a social enterprise called Dynamix and 16 years’ experience in total of working on projects that bring the third sector and public sector together.  Through her work as Projects Coordinator in Dynamix, Amy worked in partnership with Welsh Government, local authorities, public authorities, and third sector organisations to deliver social change projects using creative and participative methods.  In project development, Amy’s specialist subject areas included participation and engagement, with a specific focus on groups labelled as harder to reach, equality and tackling disadvantage, anti-poverty, community development and rights, as well as social enterprise education.  She has considerable training and teaching experience, having educated professionals, volunteers, vulnerable adults, children and young people both in Wales and internationally (Poland, USA, Palestine, Indonesia and Portugal.).  In addition, Amy has worked as the Anti-Poverty Officer of Swansea and as a Community Development Officer. Amy Also has a Diploma in Social Work, a Masters in Social Science in which she specialised in Community Development in Wales and a First Class Honours Degree in Social Philosophy with Swansea University.  

Research Interests

Third Sector, Equalities and Devolution.

Current Research

The subject of the PhD is ‘A Critical Exploration of Equalities Third Sector Organisations Engagement with the Institutions of Government at a ‘Sub-State’ level in Wales 2011-2019’.  This research is about the relationship between the third sector and the institutions of government in the context of the devolved state.  It is particularly focussed on the mechanism of third sector engagement examined from the perspective of equalities organisations.  The Welsh third sector-state relationship is set out in constitutional law, thereby making it particularly worthy of research interest.  The research consists of an examination of the purpose and configurations of the third sector engagement mechanisms and how they are used to advance equalities organisations’ interests, as well as an examination of how these third sector organisations have adapted as a result.