They lecture on the Integrated Foundation Year programme (Social Sciences pathway) for the Faculty of Creative Industries, leading the “Childhood and Youth Studies”  module and developing an Arts, Health and Well-being new module. They also train Masters level Art Psychotherapy students with the Faculty of Life Sciences and Education, and will be leading the Year two Theory and Evidence Based Practice module from September 2021.

Their career began in primary education specialising in the creative arts curriculum. They have worked in the area of child welfare in refuge and homeless hostel environments and facilitated groups in a range of community settings, in partnership with third sector organisations and education providers. Their HE teaching experience began with the OU in partnership with the Workers’ Educational Association (now Adult Learning Wales). They have taught for over 25 years, particularly enjoying personal academic coaching.

When not teaching, they practice art psychotherapy in community settings with diverse populations experiencing complex mental health needs. Their current doctoral level educational action research project, focuses on learning difference. They use arts-based and storytelling methods informed by critical education theory.

Emma Wheeler Bio