Start date:
June 2017

We are a group of academics, creative professionals, and representatives from cultural organisations ranging from small arts groups and community groups to national heritage and arts portfolio organisations and local authorities.

The Cultural Participation Research Network was established in June 2017 with help from Cardiff University’s Strong Communities, Healthier People Flagship Engagement Project led by Dr Eva Elliott. The network aims to bring a range of individuals and organisations together in Wales to develop a programme of research around cultural participation and what it means for communities, culture, policy and government in Wales and beyond.

We are a small network with big ambitions, aiming to contribute to the central issues and questions facing Wales as a nation. Our work is rooted in the co-production of action and knowledge, and we aim to constructively disrupt and challenge the way things are done in order to make a positive contribution to civil society.

The network is being facilitated by Dr Eva Elliott and Dr Ellie Byrne at Cardiff University, please get in touch if you would like more information or to join. 

Our first meeting took place on 22nd June 2017, see our first blog post in the Blog section to find out more. If you have any news items or events you would like us to promote, please send them to Ellie at

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Tuesday 5th September 10am-2pm

Former Gospel Hall, Church Road, Caerau

This event will launch the Hidden Hillfort project, funded by Heritage Lottery, in collaboration with ACE and Cardiff University. There will be food and drinks, stalls, info about volunteering, gardening and clearing activities, children’s activities and a chance to inform the development of the project.

Please contact Kimberley on 02920 003710 or email for more information








7-8 Sep 2017

Filwood Community Centre, Barnstaple Road, Bristol, BS4 1JP

Tickets £15 for both days

Join Knowle West Media Centre to celebrate the opening of the first We Can Make house: a straw-bale building designed by White Design and made in Knowle West.

The first Artist Hotel will be offering a full experience including night-cap, ‘fireside’ entertainment, sleep-over and breakfast. This will be a pop-up edition of The Artist Hotel where you can explore the centre’s spaces, imagine its potential and meet new people to discuss and reshape ideas of regeneration.

For more information and to book: call 0117 903 0444 or email

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EVENT: The Art of Looking at Ourselves

15, 16, 17 September 2017

St Donat's Art Centre, Vale of Glamorgan

image from Troti.jpg

With: Sally Hughes and Iwan Brioc, The Republic of the Imagination

You are warmly invited to take part in The Art of Looking at Ourselves this autumn, in the beautiful setting of St Donat's Arts Centre in the Vale of Glamorgan, Wales.

The weekend offers an introduction to the Context Oriented Arts (CoArts) method developed by Iwan Brioc from The Republic of the Imagination.

During the workshop, you will enjoy a range of art and image making, movement and mindfulness activities through which you develop your own 'sensory portal', a site-specific installation.

The weekend culminates in a performance, where you invite friends and family to experience journeying through the sensory portals you have co-created.

Please see more information about the weekend in our brochure.

Book your place.

Cultural Participation Research Network

Guidance notes for seed corn funding

Background to the funding

As part of the Cultural Participation Research Network (CPRN) we have a small fund available for activities and projects to support the development of the network. The aim of the network is to develop a programme of research and impact activities in the field of cultural participation[1], with a focus on collaboration between academics, decision makers, community organisations, artists, arts and heritage organisations and cultural bodies. The funding will allow a range of activities and pilot projects to take place in the Autumn of 2017, leading to the possibility for new work in 2018.

The decision of which activities and projects to fund will be taken by members of a panel made up of volunteers from the CPRN.


You may apply if you are part of the CPRN[2]. To be able to receive funds you will need to be set up as a supplier on the University’s financial systems (some of you already will be if you have been paid by us before). People who are self-employed can be added as a supplier but if you are not self-employed and wish to lead an application, please discuss with us and we will find a solution.

All projects must have an academic partner, and we will prioritise applications that include a community partner. Letters or emails of support from all partners must be attached to the application form.

Funding categories

You can apply for funding in the following categories: 

1. Facilitating meetings, ‘Salons’ or other events (up to £300)

  • E.g. funding for catering, travel, materials or venue to bring a sub-group together over a particular issue, with the aim of taking it forward through research
  • E.g. holding an event for stakeholders to showcase existing work and to generate discussion/ideas for a project.

2. Developing a funding proposal (up to £1000)

  • E.g paying for a freelance individual to prepare a literature review or scoping study as part of a funding application
  • E.g. Funding meetings to discuss the development of the bid  

3. Piloting or testing a project or impact activity (up to £3000)

  • E.g. Exploring the possibilities of a cultural intervention for wellbeing/education/civil society
  • E.g. Developing a prototype for new technology or intervention
  • E.g. Exploring an aspect of civil society and cultural participation
  • E.g. Exploring the use of culture/heritage/arts to facilitate dialogue or action on social issues

You may apply for more than one project.


Themes are in development and this list is by no means exhaustive, but as a result of our initial workshop we have identified the following thematic areas:

  • A sense of place
  • Journeys and connectivity
  • The local experience
  • Migration
  • Time and space
  • Influence and engagement

With all projects we expect to see a plan for how the work can be taken forward (e.g. through a funding proposal) and how it will contribute to wider discussions, questions or debates relevant to the network.

In terms of geographical area, we have a firm commitment to Wales, particularly the south Wales region, but we are also keen to see themes emerge that connect to the wider national and global concerns and possibilities of our time.

Academic partners

All projects must involve an academic partner, to ensure research is embedded from the beginning. Although evaluation is one element of research, we encourage you to view research in the broadest possible sense and think creatively about how to involve academics. If you would like to connect with an academic partner from a particular field or topic area, let us know and we can help to facilitate this. Although an academic partner must be involved, we cannot pay for academic time and they do not have to lead the project.


  • Academic time
  • Time for partners who are already being paid to do this type of work through their current employer
  • Overheads such as utility bills
  • Alcohol
  • VAT – this must be incorporated into the total amount asked for


  • Call to be formally issued                               Monday 10th July 2017
  • Deadline for applications                               Monday 21st August 2017
  • Notification of successful applicants            Monday 4th September 2017
  • Funding to be spent by                                   31st March 2018
  • Final report due by                                          31st May 2018


 We do not want these activities and pilot projects to put unnecessary pressure on you, but we do require a ‘light touch’ report at the end of the activity, consisting mainly of a description of activities and next steps, identifying what the activity or project has done to develop the CPRN.

[1] At this point, we are not attempting to define cultural participation and are open to applications from a broad subject and methodological spectrum

[2] If you are not yet part of the CPRN, please email Ellie on

2 x Funding opportunities: Arts Council of Wales

Creative Collaborations 

From the Arts Council website:

The essence of Creative Collaborations is innovation and we have left it to schools and/or arts/culture/heritage organisations to submit applications that convince us that their proposal is innovative, additional and sustained.

We will require written evidence of the collaboration between a school (or schools) and the other organisations involved in the project.

Schools wishing to work in a sustained way with an arts organisation or other cultural/heritage organisations may apply for up to £25,000. We cannot offer funding to schools already benefiting from a Lead Creative Schools Scheme grant. We will award up to 90% of the costs.

Please ensure you have read the guidelines carefully before making an application.

Grants will be awarded three times a year, in the summer and autumn and spring terms. Deadlines for applications are:

  • 5pm, 25 September 2017
  • 5pm, 22 January 2018

Go and See

Did you know that the dandelion flower produces 200 seeds? Neither did we until google told us. Which is in no way a tenuous link to announcing that yesterday we approved our 200th Go and See grant! It is fantastic to see so many schools making full use of this fund to experience high quality arts all over Wales. Make sure you check out your Regional Arts and Education Network’s websites  for more ideas of experiences that schools might like to apply for funding of up to £1000 to cover the cost of tickets and transport. 

And don’t forget if you’re an arts organisation you can also send your local network details about events you have coming up in the new term to add to their listings for schools.

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