WISERD Co-Director
Cardiff University

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Jean Jenkins is a co-director of WISERD and Professor of Employment Relations at Cardiff Business School. Her research and teaching is mainly concerned with labour rights, social justice and industrial relations in global supply chains, with a particular focus on the international garment sector.  She is an Associate of Labour Behind the Label and the Clean Clothes Campaign and has contributed to a range of practitioner reports as well as academic books and journal publications in her field.    

Operationalising Labour Rights ESRC GCRF
This is an international research project funded by the ESRC under the remit of the Global Challenges Research Fund (GCRF). It is a collaboration between researchers at Cardiff Business School and WISERD and our partners at Cividep-India. The research is distinctive in being
Research Team:
Jean Jenkins (Cardiff University), Rhys Davies (Cardiff University), Helen Blakely (Cardiff University), Catriona Dickson (Cardiff University)
Urgent Appeals: Data and Shared Learning ESRC GCRF Project
This is a project that is being undertaken by colleagues in Cardiff Business School and WISERD in collaboration with the Clean Clothes Campaign (CCC). It built on an earlier ESRC IAA Award which was completed in March 2019. The focus of our work is to improve and develop the
Research Team:
Jean Jenkins (Cardiff University), Katy Huxley (Cardiff University)
Trade unions, grass roots activism and solidarity
Trade unions, grass roots activism and solidarity uses case studies from Europe, India and the UK, to examine forms of worker representation that are directly related to the changing role of women in work and society, and associated issues of civic gain and expansion. Start
Research Team:
Helen Blakely (Cardiff University), Rhys Davies (Cardiff University), Jean Jenkins (Cardiff University), Alex Bryson (Department of Social Science, UCL)
Online Seminar Series Understanding Unpaid Care: insecure, hidden work and precarious lives
14th December 2021 |
Presented by Helen Blakely and Jean Jenkins. This seminar sheds lights on the realities of unpaid care in contemporary society. Through various conceptions of work we explore the societal value placed upon this form of hidden work, which is...
Conference 2017 International Labour Processes Conference
4th May 2017 |
Helen Blakely presented the paper “Collective memory and the labour movement: 1984-1985 Miners' Strike" The Political and Economic Influence of the Cambodian Garment Sector Employers: Old Controls, Old Battles, New Battlegrounds Jean Jenkins Singing...