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Electoral Politics and the Party Politicisation of Human Rights: The Case of UK Westminster Elections 1945-2010

This exploratory study examines issue salience and the discourse on human rights in the principal parties’ manifestos in UK state-wide Elections 1945–2010. Innovative aspects include the application of combined qualitative and quantitative techniques. These are used to test a series of hypotheses. The findings reveal the nature and extent of the party politicisation of human…

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Book Review: The SAGE Handbook of GIS and Society

Recent developments in mapping and distributing geographical data using accessible Web 2.0 technologies and practices (such as Google EarthTM, WikiMapia and OpenStreetMap) as well as developments in user-generated online content through web-based and mobile technologies have raised the public profile of Geographical Information Systems (GIS) in societal applications. There are numerous high-profile world-wide examples of…

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How Far Does Mobility Get Us?

It is now five years since Sheller and Urry (2006) published their summation of an emergence across the social sciences of the ‘new mobilities paradigm’. Sheller and Urry posited then that a form of interdisciplinary convergence was occurring centring on interests with mobility. Research that took mobility as its object and topic, they argued, had demonstrated that…

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Change in alcohol outlet density and alcohol-related harm to population health

Excess alcohol consumption has serious adverse effects on health and violence-related harm. In the UK around 37% of men and 29% of women drink to excess and 20% and 13% report binge drinking. The potential impact on population health from a reduction in consumption is considerable. One proposed method to reduce consumption is to reduce…

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Skills in motion: boys trail bike activities as transitions into working class masculinity

During an ethnographic research project exploring young people’s perceptions of living in a post-industrial semi-rural place, boys aged 13/14 years revealed their semi-clandestine motorbiking activities across mountains trails. It was found that riding motorbikes and fixing engines were potential resources for young boys’ transitions into adult working-class masculinity and sources of competence, pride and enjoyment…

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Electoral Discourse Analysis of Civil Conflict Resolution: The Case of Northern Ireland in UK Statewide Elections 1970-2010

This paper focuses on the principal parties’ manifestos in UK statewide elections 1970–2010. It makes an original contribution by using a mixed methodology to examine the electoral discourse, issue-salience and policy framing associated with civil conflict resolution (CCR) proposals for Northern Ireland. Mandate and accountability theory suggest that party programmes may play an important role…

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Community parenting and the informal safeguarding of children at neighbourhood level

This article explores the notion of ‘community parenting’ in one neighbourhood in South Wales. Community parenting is defined here as parenting that is carried out collectively or between families within a community. Placed within a context of continuing political and practitioner interest in how to understand and enhance parenting in marginalised communities in the United…

National Union of Teachers: Education Review 24(2)
A crisis in Welsh education? New approaches in harsh times

Since 1999 it was the view that parliamentary devolution had enabled Welsh Governments to pursue a wide range of imaginative policies across the whole gamut of educational provision. More recently, however, the focus of political discourse has shifted to the perceived failures of Welsh schools. This ‘crisis of Welsh education’ has provided the basis for…

WISERD & Welsh Government Evidence Symposium: Wellbeing in Wales

Attendees were welcomed and introduced themselves. It was explained that this event wasthe first of a series co-funded by the ESRC, to be held in collaboration with the WalesInstitute for Social and Economic Research, Data & Method (WISERD). The aim of theseevents will be to facilitate a regular and genuine dialogue between policy makers andpractitioners.

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Housing Options and Solutions for Young People in 2020

Recent economic, social and political change has generated greater uncertainty in the housing options of young people. The recession has also highlighted challenges such as the lack of available credit and high youth unemployment. The report explores: • the key drivers shaping the housing experiences of young people; • the impacts of key drivers of…