Mae'r cynnwys hwn ar gael yn Saesneg yn unig.

Course Leader: EDINA

EDINA, a JISC based data centre based at the University of Edinburgh, offered this workshop to introduce geospatial metadata, online Go-Geo! resources, and the open and closed versions of ShareGeo, a spatial data repository. Workshop participants were also introduced to a range of accessible web sources for spatial data.

The workshop was part an effort to introduce and promote online resources to support research and teaching and learning activities as well as spatial data management and sharing across the UK higher and further education communities. The workshop provided an overview of the European Commission’s INSPIRE Directive, which was transposed into UK law in December 2009, and applies to the UK academic community, and now requires the creation of metadata for spatial datasets.

The geospatial metadata workshop activities included a 45 minute presentation of the following:

  • geospatial metadata and standards (ISO 19115, INSPIRE and UK GEMINI 2)
  • the benefits of metadata
  • Go-Geo! resources for metadata creation and publication
  • ShareGeo spatial data repository
  • web sources for spatial data

and a one hour hands-on session for workshop participants to use the

  • Go-Geo! Portal
  • Geodoc Metadata Editor Tool
  • ShareGeo Spatial Data Repository