Mae'r cynnwys hwn ar gael yn Saesneg yn unig.

An Unequal Wales Seminar delivered by Dr Peter Mackie, Cardiff School of Planning and Geography

The housing market is failing – in just one year Welsh local authorities assisted 22,000 households who were homeless or in danger of becoming homeless.  UK Government led welfare reforms will only worsen this crisis.  Becoming homeless can have considerable impacts on the lives of individuals and families, whilst also having implications for the wider community.  Clearly we must intervene.

In Wales much has already been done to support people who become homeless and some efforts have been made to prevent its occurrence in the first instance.  Across the UK, the foundation of this support to homeless people is legislation – this establishes what help must be provided and, perhaps most importantly, who is eligible for assistance.  With new law making powers, Wales is now able to re-write its legislation and more effectively meet the needs of people in Wales.

This seminar explored the limits and inequalities of existing homelessness legislation, before presenting new proposals that adopt a more equitable and inclusive approach.

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