Mae'r cynnwys hwn ar gael yn Saesneg yn unig.

The Centre for Welsh Politics and Society/ WISERD@Aberystwyth is organising a one-day workshop for PhD students studying Wales.

This workshop is suitable for doctoral students at all stages, from first year to writing-up and is an ideal opportunity to network with PhDs from Aber and other Universities in Wales.    

  • Morning sessions are focused on sharing agendas, ideas, methods and challenges. Postgraduate students will be invited to introduce their work, reflect on methodologies used in their research and discuss the practical challenges and advantages of conducting research in Wales, as well as reflecting on ways in which ‘Wales’ is conceptualised and understood in their research fields. 
  • Two afternoon sessions discuss developing ‘impact’ in your research, and careers. There will be an advice session focusing on dissemination and developing the impact of your research, both within a Welsh context and beyond.  Finally there will be three individuals who have recently completed their PhDs to offer their insights, experiences and tips on pursuing careers, both in academic and non-academic contexts. 

For more details, please email Taulant Guma or Lucy Taylor .

To register, simply email Lucy Taylor saying you’d like to participate -and a form will be sent to you to complete.