Presented by Colin Johnson, Cardiff University.

This seminar is part of the Cardiff WISERD Lunchtime Seminar series. If you are an external guest, please contact us to confirm availability of places and for further information


It has often been said that “your Education is what you have left when you have forgotten everything you have ever been taught”.  We persist in believing that exams and testing give us useful information, but what do we know about recognising all those skills and attributes for which no-one provides a certificate?  That’s a real question for employers, but also for individuals who are entitled to some recognition of their abilities and their evolving needs.  How do we give due acknowledgement to ‘life skills’, often gained in non-formal settings?


Colin Johnson joined WISERD recently as a visiting research fellow. He is an experienced consultant with a background in both formal and non-formal science education.  As the former director of a science discovery centre with worldwide links, and through subsequent work in science communication, he has an international reputation in the field of public engagement.  He is in no way an expert in the assessment of ‘non-cognitive skills’, however, and hopes to learn as well as to inform during this seminar.