Mae'r cynnwys hwn ar gael yn Saesneg yn unig.

This half-day workshop will introduce the WISERD DataPortal – a free tool to help researchers find and access data related to Wales. The training is for post-graduate students, researchers or professional practitioners, such as policy makers or third sector workers.

The DataPortal allows users to discover and visualise (in the form of maps) data from a wide variety of disciplines, including health, education, language, employment, socio-economic and demographic data. Data sources include the Office of National Statistics (e.g. Census 2011), the Welsh Government, bespoke surveys, and data collected by University researchers on funded projects.


Learn how to: 

1. Use the DataPortal to find research data

2. Access and map social and economic data freely accessible from UK and Welsh governments

3. Map your own data from spreadsheets and combine it with other data to identify patterns


The session will include case studies illustrating how others have used the DataPortal to inform their research. You will work through a range of scenarios where the DataPortal may prove useful, and have the opportunity to explore the DataPortal for yourself.


Bring your own data

You may bring your own data with you, although this is not a requirement. Data should be in the form of a spreadsheet and contain geographic identifiers (e.g. postcodes or geographic area names/codes).


One-to-one research project support

Participants from third sector organisations can apply for free one-to-one support to use the DataPortal to carry out a piece of research.

The project must be related to Wales and use existing data sources. WISERD can provide training on using the DataPortal, advice on types of data available and help with mapping and basic analysis.

Please speak to one of the presenters on the day if you are interested.