Mae'r cynnwys hwn ar gael yn Saesneg yn unig.

The term ‘Impact’ is firmly on the academic agenda.  In the current economic climate, both the Government and research councils expect their research investments to have social and economic, as well as academic, benefits.  To facilitate this, as part of its research infrastructure programme, WISERD has developed a knowledge exchange and transfer programme.  The aims of the programme are to:

  • Deliver a programme of research that delivers relevant and useful evidence in support of Welsh policy and practice;
  • Provide a sustainable infrastructure for research and knowledge exchange;
  • Support researchers to engage effectively in knowledge exchange;
  • Create opportunities for a genuine dialogue and shared understanding with research users;
  • Improve our communication of research/evidence;
  • Develop strategic alliances with key stakeholders;
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of WISERD’s KE strategy and activities

For more details, download a copy of Engaging for Impact – WISERD’S Knowledge Exchange Strategy 2012 to 2015

Knowledge Exchange Projects

Evidence Symposia: exploring the evidence base on key policy themes

This project, funded through the ESRC Knowledge Exchange Opportunities Scheme in collaboration with the Welsh Government, aims to encourage knowledge exchange between academic social scientists and policy makers/practitioners in Wales on a number of important policy and academic questions.

Developing a data discovery and sharing infrastructure for quantitative and qualitative socio-economic data via the WISERD Data Portal

This project, funded through the ESRC’s Knowledge Exchange Follow on Funding Scheme, aims to continue and broaden the work started by WISERD, to develop an infrastructure that facilitates the discovery and sharing of socio-economic datasets across national government, local government and national data repositories via a variety of mechanisms.

Knowledge Exchange Events


  • WISERD/WG Evidence Symposium on Early Years in Wales
  • WISERD/WG Evidence Symposium on Poverty & Economic Inequalities in Wales
  • WISERD/WG Evidence Symposium on Health Inequalities
  • WISERD/WG Evidence Symposium on Social Mobility
  • WISERD Event on Longitudinal Analysis




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