Listen to Danny Dorling Speech from the Julian Tudor Hart Lecture

Mae'r cynnwys hwn ar gael yn Saesneg yn unig.

Danny Dorling delivered his lecture ‘A Better Politics: How government can make us happier and healthier’ at last week’s Julian Tudor Hart Annual Lecture.

Academic and author Professor Danny Dorling visited Cardiff University to deliver a public lecture exploring the ways in which our governments can make us happier and healthier.  The lecture was part of the Annual Julian Tudor Hart Lecture series, now in its tenth year, organised by Public Health Wales, Cardiff University School of Social Science and WISERD.

Professor Dorling said: “If we start by considering what is most important to people in their lives, then we end up advocating a very different politics and set of priorities to that which is usually presented. Please think about what has actually happened to you in the last year, then ask whether you are reasonably happy, all things considered. Now consider what politicians could have done and could do in future to help you, to reduce your health problems and the health risks you face, and even to make you happier.

“Will living in the most economically unjust society in Europe help? Economic inequalities affect what happens to us and also how we deal with the outcomes of those events. What would a better, more caring, kinder politics look like?”

Professor Dorling is Halford Mackinder Professor Geography at the University of Oxford. Recent sole authored books include: Unequal Health (2013), Population Ten Billion (2014), Injustice: Why Social Inequalities Still Persist (2015) and A Better Politics (2016).

Click here to listen to the lecture in full.