WISERD News: latest edition out now!

Mae'r cynnwys hwn ar gael yn Saesneg yn unig.

The latest edition of WISERD News is now available – featuring updates on current projects and research findings as well as events and engagement activity.


Flexible Pre-School Education Pilots: Separating the Impactful from the Impractical

Dr Daniel Evans gives an overview of his role in evaluating the implementation and impact of flexibility pilots for pre-school provision – with the aim of assisting the Welsh Government in increasing children’s participation in early years education in Wales.

Welsh School Children’s ‘Heroes’ and ‘Villains’

Professor Sally Power and Dr Kevin Smith, from WISERD Education, look at which famous people school children most admire and dislike with Jessie J, Taylor Swift and Beyoncé featuring as the top three ‘heroes’. They comment on the influence of ‘popular culture’ and the ‘cult of celebrity’.  See media coverage here.

16/17 year olds and the EU Referendum: A Potential Coup for the ‘In’ Campaign

Dr Stuart Fox looks at data from The British Election Study and the influence 16 – 17 year olds may have on Britain’s EU referendum result.  Millennials are more likely to favour membership of the EU than older generations and could be a potential coup for the ‘In’ campaign.

Change and Stability in Family Relations

Dr Martijn Hogerbrugge looks at data from the Netherlands Kinship Panel Study to examine how changes in technology, governments and polices affect changes in family relations over a 12 year period.

Digital Civil Society and the Landscape of Modern Surveillance

As the UK government attempts to enact new surveillance legislation, Wil Chivers addresses the on-going research at WISERD looking at the role civil society plays in shaping the national surveillance discourse.

Making the Case for the Social Sciences in Wales

Madeleine Barrows, Assistant Director at the Academy of Social Sciences, gives an overview of the ‘Making the Case’ booklet series designed to better communicate to the wider public and policy makers who social scientists are and what they do.

Using Open Data Sources to Monitor the Implications of Changes in Access to Services in Wales in Times of Austerity

Dr Mitchel Langford, Professor Gary Higgs and Dr Richard Fry look at data from the Geographical Information Systems (GIS) Research Centre to evaluate the equity of spatial access to a range of public services.

New WISERD Book: ‘People, Places and Policy: Knowing Contemporary Wales Through New Localities

A new WISERD book has been published! Dr Scott Orford, Professor Martin Jones, and Victoria Macfarlane look at post-devolution governance and policy making and how the impact of this varies across Wales with a focus on the use of localities as a conceptual and analytical framework.

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