Mae'r cynnwys hwn ar gael yn Saesneg yn unig.

My years of experience in the field of ICT and similar industries gives me great insight into ICT. My experience started with me choosing ICT instead of a language in secondary school, this one decision led me on the path to find passion in the field of ICT. I continued this passion onto A-level where I was able to continue studying ICT and gain a substantial grade, a distinction. This, plus my other achievements at A-level made me able to study ICT further at Degree level. Throughout university I was able to really expand my knowledge and grasp a unique understanding for GIS and web development where I have applied myself in such a way that was able to continue my studies further to the PhD level. As one of my hobbies happens to be web development this aligns with what I do perfectly and the two coincide when I’m producing and researching for the PhD.

Current WISERD Projects: Using Web-based technologies to better understand and present temporal variations in access to public services.

My research interest all revolves around using web mapping and web development tools to create better user friendly ways to display data so that people with lesser understanding in the ICT world can have the same benefits from the data.

My current research is into creating new ways for the average user to access data from web mapping services. By finding new ways and interactions with web based mapping and use-friendly services web mapping can help describe data in a more clearer way so that they will be used to their full potential no just in academic institutions but in work places and government positions.