Territory, Politics, Governance. Volume 4(1). pp 8-32.

Mae'r cynnwys hwn ar gael yn Saesneg yn unig.

This article interrogates the concepts in this journal’s title and, drawing on the strategic-relational approach in social theory, explores their interconnections. This conceptual re-articulation is then contextualized in regard to the European Union (EU) as a political regime that serves as a real-time laboratory for experiments in government and governance with implications for redesigning polities, politics, and policies, especially in response to symptoms of political and policy failures and other crises. Mobilizing the territory-place-scale-network schema, and drawing on critical governance studies, this article offers an alternative account of these developments based on (1) their sociospatial and temporal complexities, (2) recognition that socio-spatial relations are objects and means of government and governance and not just sites where such practices occur, and (3) extension of this approach to multispatial meta-governance, that is, attempts to govern the government and governance of socio-spatial relations. The article ends with suggestions for future research on the state and state power, governance of the EU, and the role of TerritoryPolitics, Governance as a major forum for future discussion on multispatial metagovernance.