Chapter 13 in Social Class in Europe: An introduction to the European Socio-economic Classification, pp 60-85

Mae'r cynnwys hwn ar gael yn Saesneg yn unig.

Section 2 summarizes the information requirements for deriving the ESeC. Section 3 provides a brief overview of the three survey data sources used in the analysis. Section 4 describes how information collected within the three data sources may be used to define ‘employment status’ as required in the derivation of ESeC. Section 5 considers the availability of occupational information from these data sources and presents comparisons of the occupational composition of employment across countries. Combining information on employment status and occupation, Section 6 presents ESeC distributions based upon status in current employment. Section 7 considers how allocating the non-employed to ESeC effects the distribution across the classes. Finally, Section 8 considers how ESeC can be assigned on a household basis and demonstrates the effect this has on the distribution of social class compared to the individual allocation.