Mae'r cynnwys hwn ar gael yn Saesneg yn unig.

A range of resource materials, including videos, PowerPoint presentations and documents were produced during a series of workshops organised as part of the Research Development Initiative.

This series consisted of four two day workshops hosted across the UK. A final one-day closing conference was also organised to bring together thoughts and materials from the series. Academics from across the globe, who are both leaders in their field of research and have extensive experience of teaching quantitative methods (QM) to undergraduates (UG) in the Social Sciences, were invited to speak. 

The four workshops were designed to cover both QM and substantive modules at each level of the UG curriculum using our ‘two-way embedding’ approach, i.e. embedding substantive examples in QM teaching and QM in substantive modules. Two workshops were focussed on QM teaching and two on selected substantive areas of Sociology: Sociology of Education; Social Inequality and Stratification; and Political Sociology. 

Before attending each of the workshops participants were invited to submit materials that they find useful for discussion. Materials from each workshop are available on the pages listed below. These materials may be useful to those trying to influence the way in which QM are taught at their institutions.