Mae'r cynnwys hwn ar gael yn Saesneg yn unig.

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Unions and the Changing World of Work
Conducted on behalf of Uni Global Union, this research focuses on the strategic  capacity of unions to both develop old, and build new, resources and capabilities in response to the rapidly changing world of work.

Unions and Social Media
This project is seeking to understand the ways in which trade unions in the UK use social media and how social media can contribute to the renewal of the union movement.

Operationalising Labour Rights
This project explores workplace among garment workers employed in factories in the city of Bangalore, south India. Through the systematic collection of data, this research project seeks to illuminate local conditions against the backdrop of national and international forms of private and public regulation which fail in the absence of robust mechanisms of enforcement.

Geographical Variations in Union Membership
This project exams whether geographical variations in membership levels can be attributed to differences in the nature and activities of trade unions and the attitudes of employers and workers as well as how mechanisms of intra-generational and inter-generational transmission and geographical mobility relate to variations of trade union membership.

Statistical Compendia 
The statistical compendia provides the most comprehensive statistical portrait of regional variations in trade union membership, presence and coverage in the UK undertaken to date.  The analysis explores both trends in membership and how membership varies among different groups within the population and by selected job and workplace characteristics.

Research Notes
Our series of Research Notes provide summaries of emerging findings that we hope will be of interest to academics, the trade union community and those in the statistical community who have responsibility for monitoring trade union membership.

UnionMaps presents estimates of trade union membership for across Unitary Authority and Local Authority Districts of Great Britain. Simply click on the map or use the search tool (not available for all mobile devices) to produce area reports of union membership for a particular location.