I lectured at Sussex University (1975-1992) and then Lancaster University (1993-2019), and am now retired. For most of my career I have worked on political economy and social theory in a ‘postdisciplinary’ way. Most of my work has related to inequality – first spatial (1970-80s), then economic and social (1990s – present). Relevant publications are Microcircuits of Capital (Wiley, 1988, with K.J.Morgan); Radical Political Economy (Blackwell, 1995); The Moral Significance of Class (Cambridge UP, 2005); Why Things Matter to People (Cambridge UP, 2011); Why We Can’t Afford the Rich (Policy Press, 2014). Much of my work has involved a dialogue between social science and philosophy.

Current WISERD Projects: Foundational Economy

Research Interests: Moral economy, inequality, greening economy and society, well-being, social theory.

Current Research Economic evaluation: a critique. Decarbonising the economy.

Andrew Sayer Bio