Lecturer in Human Geography
Aberystwyth University


I am a social and political geographer interested in migration and multiculturalism in minority nations and rural societies.  I graduated with a BA in Geography and International Politics in 2006, before taking an MA in Space, Place & Politics in 2007.  I completed my PhD, Faith, Identity, and the everyday: the quotidian geographies of Muslims in west Wales in 2011, under the supervision of Professor Mike Woods and Professor Rhys Jones.  After seven years as a student here, I formally joined the DGES staff as a Teaching Fellow in 2010, and was appointed to a Lectureship in Human Geography  (initially funded by the Coleg Cymraeg Cenedlaethol) in 2011. 

My research areas can be categorised under three distinct fields, which broadly address questions of cohesion, inclusivity, and conviviality.  Firstly, I am interested in migration and multiculturalism in rural regions and in minority nations.  Secondly, I am fascinated by questions about the (continued) role of religion and religious diversity in society, including motivation for participation in civil society.  Finally, I am eager to explore 'more-than-civic' participation in civil society, including actions which may be considered radical and extreme.  A final, emerging field of interest is related to uncertainty and hostility in the context of Brexit.


Rwy'n ddaearyddwr cymdeithasol a gwleidyddol gyda diddordeb mewn mudo ac amlddiwylliannedd mewn cenhedloedd lleiafrifol a chymdeithasau gwledig.  Graddiais gyda BA mewn Daearyddiaeth a Gwleidyddiaeth Ryngwladol yn 2006, cyn cymryd MA mewn daearyddiaeth wleidyddol yn 2007.  Cwblheais fy noethuriaeth, a oedd yn ystyried profiadau beunyddiol Mwslemiaid yng ngorllewin Cymru, yn 2011 o dan cyfarwyddyd yr Athro Mike Woods a'r Athro Rhys Jones.  Wedi saith mlynedd fel myfyriwr yn yr ADGD, ymunais â'r staff yn ffurfiol yn 2010 fel Cymrawd Dysgu. 

Fe'm penodwyd i Ddarlithyddiaeth mewn Daearyddiaeth Ddynol (a gyllidwyd gan y Coleg Cymraeg Cenedlaethol tan 2016) yn 2011. Mae fy niddordebau ymchwil yn cwympo i dri maes, gydag edefion cyffredin themâu cydlynu cymdeithasol, cynwysoldeb, a sirioldeb/cyd-fyw yn rhedeg trwyddynt. Yn gyntaf, mae gen i ddiddordeb mewn mudo ac amlddiwylliannedd mewn rhanbarthau gwledig a chenhedloedd lleiafrifol.  Yn ail, rwy'n ymddiddori mewn cwestiynau am barhad rôl crefydd mewn cymdeithas, gan gynnwys fel cymhelliant ar gyfer cyfranogi, ac amrywiaeth grefyddol.  Yn olaf, rwy'n awyddus i archwilio cyfraniadau mewn cymdeithas sifil sydd ddim bob tro'n cael eu derbyn fel rhai 'da'; hynny yw, cyfraniadau sy'n medru cael eu hystyried yn radical neu'n eithafol.  Maes arall sy'n dechrau ymddangos yw'r ansicrwydd ac atgasedd sy'n ymddangos yng nghyd-destun 'Prymadael' (neu Brexit).

Integrative Mechanisms for Addressing Spatial Justice and Territorial Inequalities in Europe (IMAJINE)
The IMAJINE project (Integrative Mechanisms for Addressing Spatial Justice and Territorial Inequalities in Europe) is one of the largest social sciences projects to be financed as part of the EU’s Horizon 2020 programme. The five-year project aims to come up with new policy
Research Team:
Michael Woods (Aberystwyth University), Rhys Jones (Aberystwyth University), Elin Royles (Aberystwyth University), Rhys Dafydd Jones (Aberystwyth University)
Migration Research Wales Network
We are pleased to announce the launch of Migration Research Wales. This is a new research network convened by Dr Catrin Wyn Edwards and Rhys Dafydd Jones (both Aberystwyth University). It is committed to developing research capacity, and encouraging dialogue between
Research Team:
Rhys Dafydd Jones (Aberystwyth University), Catrin Wyn Edwards (Aberystwyth University)
Populism, conflict and political polarisation
Populism, conflict and political polarisation examines the links between shifting political behaviours and changes in employment structures, as well as how populist politics are fostered within places and how civil society can act to address this. Start date provided is that
Research Team:
David Blackaby (Swansea University), Stephen Drinkwater (University of Roehampton), Rhys Dafydd Jones (Aberystwyth University), Michael Woods (Aberystwyth University), Amy Sanders (Aberystwyth University), Flossie Kingsbury (Aberystwyth University)
Borders, boundary mechanisms and migration
Borders, boundary mechanisms and migration examines factors shaping civil society engagement with migration and forms of bordering through comparative international case studies and place-based ethnographies, and explores how social boundary activation mechanisms are
Research Team:
Martina Feilzer (Bangor University), Rhys Dafydd Jones (Aberystwyth University), Bethan Loftus (Bangor University), Robin Mann (Bangor University), Dana Brablecova (Bangor University), Maria Christina Galanaki (Bangor University)
Centre For Welsh Politics and Society
The Centre for Welsh Politics and Society / WISERD@Aberystwyth aims to use research on Welsh politics and society, comparative studies of Wales and other nations and regions, and analyses of Wales’s global connections, to make internationally-significant cutting-edge
Research Team:
Michael Woods (Aberystwyth University), Jesse Heley (Aberystwyth University), Laura Jones (Aberystwyth University), Marc Welsh (Aberystwyth University), Taulant Guma (University of Edinburgh), Anwen Elias (Aberystwyth University), Elin Royles (Aberystwyth University), Rhys Jones (Aberystwyth University), Anthonia Onyeahialam (Aberystwyth University), Rhys Dafydd Jones (Aberystwyth University), Dyfan Powel (Aberystwyth University), Sophie Yarker (University of Manchester)
Migrants, Minorities and Engagement in Local Civil Society
Overview This project combined quantitative and qualitative research methodologies to examine the participation of European migrants from the A8 countries in local civil society. Fieldwork took place in three localities across Wales; one urban, one rural and one semi-rural
Research Team:
Rhys Dafydd Jones (Aberystwyth University), Stephen Drinkwater (University of Roehampton), Andrew Thompson (University of South Wales), Taulant Guma (University of Edinburgh)
Journal Articles
Rethinking lifestyle and middle-class migration in “left behind” regions
Population, Space and Place SPECIAL ISSUE PAPER Open Access DOI: https://doi.org/10.1002/psp.2495 Abstract So-called “left behind” regions have gained infamy for working-class discontent. Yet a concurrent phenomenon has gone unremarked: middle-class lifestyles in peripheral...
Journal Articles
“Where are we going to go now?” EU migrants' experiences of hostility, anxiety and (non-)belonging during Brexit’, Population, Space & Place 25 (1)
This paper examines the impact of the 2016 European Union (EU) referendum and its aftermath from the perspective of European migrants living in Wales. Drawing on interviews conducted with EU nationals in 2016 and 2017, the article highlights various examples of hostility and...
WISERD Achieving Impact Beyond Research
22nd September 2021 |
This event is the first of a series of three ‘Achieving Impact beyond Research’ workshops organised by the WISERD Migration Research Wales Network. The aim of this workshop is to provide academics at all stages of their careers with the tools and...
Conference Symposium: An Unsettled status? Migration in a turbulent age
2nd July 2019 |
This one-day symposium aims to cover and discuss a range of issues related to migration. Keynote speaker, Dr Kathy Burrell (University of Liverpool) will present her research on 'Unsettling Freedom of Movement? Hostile Environments, Conditionality...
Conference Symposium: Museums and Civil Society after Brexit
9th January 2019 |
About this event Museums are a key platform for a civil society in transformation. This interdisciplinary forum brings together different voices to reflect on the financial and cultural impact of Brexit for representing and performing identity within...