Senior Lecturer in Sociology, WISERD Co-Director
Bangor University

Robin Mann is a member of the WISERD ESRC Civil Society Research Centre and Senior Lecturer in the School of History, Philosophy and Social Sciences at Bangor University. Before joining WISERD he held research positions at the University of Oxford and the University of Bristol. He holds degrees from the University of East London, University of Bristol and University of Wales, Bangor.

Robin's research interests and expertise are in political sociology, especially national identity, nationalism, civil society; class, migration and ethnicity; and the politics of local social relations. He is particularly concerned with understanding the attitudes, views and sentiments of ‘ordinary people’ toward nation. He is interested in how ethnographic and combined qualitative-quantitative methods can be used for researching social change and he has carried out fieldwork across a range of local field sites in Wales and in England. A key aim of this research has been to highlight the significance that people continue to vest in their local and national memberships.
He has received funding from the Economic and Social Research Council, the Leverhulme Trust and the Welsh Government. He is co-investigator on the ESRC funded WISERD Civil Society Research Centre and led (with Prof. Howard Davis) on the work package examining continuity and change in local civil society in Wales (2014-17). His monograph (with S. Fenton) entitled Nation, Class and Resentment: The Politics of National Identity in England, Scotland and Wales was published with Palgrave Macmillan Press in 2017.



Borders, boundary mechanisms and migration
Borders, boundary mechanisms and migration examines factors shaping civil society engagement with migration and forms of bordering through comparative international case studies and place-based ethnographies, and explores how social boundary activation mechanisms are
Research Team:
Martina Feilzer (Bangor University), Rhys Dafydd Jones (Aberystwyth University), Bethan Loftus (Bangor University), Robin Mann (Bangor University), Dana Brablecova (Bangor University), Maria Christina Galanaki (Bangor University), Howard Davis (Bangor University)
Behaviour Change in Wales
Behaviour change is a topic which is of key importance to policy makers both in the Welsh Government and further afield. Behaviour change also emerged as a key theme during the WISERD localities stakeholder interviews and the subsequent stakeholder feedback sessions have
Research Team:
Alexandra Plows (Bangor University), Robin Mann (Bangor University), Jesse Heley (Aberystwyth University), Laura Jones (Aberystwyth University)
Grandparenthood in Bilingual Families: A Welsh Case Study
This project aimed to provide new understandings of the dynamic relationship between the generations in Welsh-English bilingual families in Wales. In particular, the research considered how the experience and enactment of relationships associated with being a grandparent
Research Team:
Sarah Harper, Robin Mann (Bangor University)
Public Sentiments Towards Immigration in Wales
Overview The aim of this project was to investigate public sentiments in Wales towards immigrants and immigration. The monitoring of what people think about immigration has come to feature regularly within numerous national and cross-national surveys and opinion polls. But
Research Team:
Robin Mann (Bangor University), Yvonne Tommis
Knowing Localities: Welsh and the Labour Market
Overview Existing quantitative evidence points to differences between Welsh speakers and non-Welsh speakers in terms of labour market outcomes, however little is known about the precise mechanisms underlying such differences. A range of factors were identified which may
Research Team:
Robin Mann (Bangor University), Stephen Drinkwater (University of Roehampton)
Books and Book Chapters
Local Civil Society: Time, Place and Boundaries
Civil Society Book Series 2021 Drawing on place-based field investigations and new empirical analysis, this original book investigates civil society at local level. The concept of civil society is contested and multifaceted, and this text offers assessment and clarification...
Civil Society, Localities | December 2021
Journal Articles
English national identity, resentment and the leave vote
The results of the EU referendum in the United Kingdom came just in time to add some comments to our newly published book, Nation Class and Resentment: the politics of national identity in England Scotland and Wales. In these comments, we claimed the results tended to...
Civil Society | June 2017
Journal Articles
Grandfatherhood: Shifting Masculinities in Later Life
Drawing on qualitative interview data, this article examines how grandfatherhood relates to the assertion and transformation of masculinities in later life. Recent attention to ageing and masculinities has identified how older men are challenged to succeed in maintaining...
Civil Society | January 2016
Journal Articles
Interview: In Praise of Grandfathers
Aging Horizons Bulletin Time to bring grandfathers out of the shadows. Grandparents are playing a vital part in many families today, yet few studies have focused on the role of grandfathers. According to Dr. Robin Mann, the significance of grandfatherhood for men has been...
Civil Society | January 2010
Journal Articles
The Personal Contexts of National Sentiments
Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies 35(4) pp 517-534 This article examines trends in entrepreneurship among minority ethnic groups in Britain. It begins with an analysis of how self-employment rates for different ethnic groups have evolved since the early 1990s. We find...
Civil Society | April 2009
Seminar Book launch: Social Anthropologies of the Welsh: Past and Present
25th November 2021 |
In May 2019 Professor John Morgan, convened a joint symposium between the Royal Anthropological Institute (RAI), the Learned Society of Wales, The Honourable Society of Cymmrodorion, and WISERD. The outcome of that event is the new publication Social...
Training WISERD TCB- Doing qualitative interviews online
11th December 2020 |
Delivered by Robin Mann, WISERD This event will reflect on the opportunities and challenges associated with online qualitative interviewing. It will focus on themes in recent and current studies making use of information and communication...
Bowling together? Civil society in a north east Wales village
16th March 2016 |
Bangor University
In this seminar we presented emergent findings from the WISERD civil society project "civil participation in Wales, in place, and over time". The publication of Putnam’s Bowling Alone (1995) provoked an important debate as to whether participation...
Seminar Welsh Speakers and the Labour Market
16th April 2013 |
Pierhead Building. Cardiff Bay
An Unequal Wales Seminar delivered by Dr Robin Mann and Dr Stephen Drinkwater, WISERD Previous research has indicated that there may be a labour market advantage for speakers of minority languages. Evidence in support of this has been found for Welsh...