Senior Lecturer in Sociology
Bangor University

Prior to joining WISERD in 2009 Robin has previously held positions at the Oxford Institute of Ageing, University of Oxford, where he is now an associate fellow, and before that at the Department of Sociology, University of Bristol. His research interests are in three main fields:1) Nationalism, ethnicity and identities; 2) Locality community and civil society; and 3) Grandparenthood and Intergenerational relationships .

He would be interested in supervising PhD students in any of these areas.

His current research focuses on two projects:

  1. A book project on English national sentiments to be published with Palgrave (submission date 2015). This project advances his previously published work on English national identity through the adoption of a comparative approach taking account of the allied cases of Wales and Scotland, as well as international examples.
  2. As co-investigator with the recently awarded ESRC large grant WISERDCivilSociety (2014-19). As part of this funding, Robin is lead investigator on a project examining narratives of continuity and change in local civil society (2014-17). Previously completed projects include nation, class, resentment and the ethnic majority in England; public sentiments towards immigration in Wales; localities and local civil society in Wales; the use of Welsh in the third sector; grandfathers in contemporary families; and intergenerational transmissions of culture within the family.

Behaviour Change in Wales
Behaviour change is a topic which is of key importance to policy makers both in the Welsh Government and further afield. Behaviour change also emerged as a key theme during the WISERD localities stakeholder interviews and the subsequent stakeholder feedback sessions have
Research Team:
Alexandra Plows (Bangor University), Robin Mann (Bangor University), Jesse Heley (Aberystwyth University), Laura Jones (Aberystwyth University)
Grandparenthood in Bilingual Families: A Welsh Case Study
This project aimed to provide new understandings of the dynamic relationship between the generations in Welsh-English bilingual families in Wales. In particular, the research considered how the experience and enactment of relationships associated with being a grandparent
Research Team:
Sarah Harper, Robin Mann (Bangor University)
Public Sentiments Towards Immigration in Wales
Overview The aim of this project was to investigate public sentiments in Wales towards immigrants and immigration. The monitoring of what people think about immigration has come to feature regularly within numerous national and cross-national surveys and opinion polls. But
Research Team:
Robin Mann (Bangor University), Yvonne Tommis
Knowing Localities: Welsh and the Labour Market
Overview Existing quantitative evidence points to differences between Welsh speakers and non-Welsh speakers in terms of labour market outcomes, however little is known about the precise mechanisms underlying such differences. A range of factors were identified which may
Research Team:
Robin Mann (Bangor University), Stephen Drinkwater (University of Roehampton)
Bangor Seminar
Bowling together? Civil society in a north east Wales village
16th March 2016 |
Bangor University
In this seminar we presented emergent findings from the WISERD civil society project "civil participation in Wales, in place, and over time". The publication of Putnam’s Bowling Alone (1995) provoked an important debate as to whether participation...