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Modelling spatial access to General Practitioner surgeries: Does public transport availability matter?

Existing approaches investigating access to primary health care tend to use relatively crude measures that compare supply to demand ratios for administrative units or use GIS to calculate straight-line or network distances to the nearest facility. The latter however largely assume access is via private modes of transport. The aim of this paper is to…

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Using routine activity theory to inform a conceptual understanding of the geography of fire events

The cost of fire events can be devastating in human, emotional and financial terms. There is a growing realisation that geographical techniques can be used in cross-disciplinary approaches to gain an understanding of potential causation factors associated with such events. Despite this, the theoretical frameworks within which such research efforts are often couched have received…

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Editorial: Special issue on spatial analytical approaches in urban fire management

Introduction Urban fires are an important public health and safety concern. Despite the fact we no longer suffer single fire events with the scale of the great fires of Rome, London or Constantinople, worldwide we continue to experience in excess of 300,000 fire-related deaths per annum. The vast majority of these fire deaths occur in…

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Fire incidence in metropolitan areas: A comparative study of Brisbane (Australia) and Cardiff (United Kingdom)

In their previous research, they applied spatial statistics and regression analysis to explore the relationships between the types of socio-economic factors that are associated with different fire incident types for an area of South Wales, UK. In this paper, this analysis is extended by using a comparative approach applying regression analysis to examine intra-urban trends…

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Investigating the association between weather conditions, calendar events and socio-economic patterns with trends in fire incidence: An Australian case study

Fires in urban areas can cause significant economic, physical and psychological damage. Despite this, there has been a comparative lack of research into the spatial and temporal analysis of fire incidence in urban contexts. In this paper, we redress this gap through an exploration of the association of fire incidence to weather, calendar events and…