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A cover of The Spectre of Putinism by W. John Morgan
The Spectre of Putinism

The Soviet Union ended on 31 December 1991 and was replaced by the Russian Federation. This raised hopes of a Russia with a market economy and a political democracy where citizens would have equal rights and responsibilities under the constitutional rule of law rather than government by state bureaucracy and a kleptocracy of economic oligarchs….

A cover of a research paper titled Children’s Subjective Well-Being During the Coronavirus Pandemic
Children’s Subjective Well-Being During the Coronavirus Pandemic

How did the coronavirus pandemic affect the subjective well-being (SWB) of children? In this paper, we use data from the Children’s World Survey, encompassing 9,684 children aged 9 to 15 residing in nine European countries. Our goal is to evaluate the influence of both material —access to digital communication devices— and immaterial factors —information sources…

Animals Journal
Beyond the Unitary State: Multi-level Governance, Politics and Cross-Cultural Perspectives on Animal Welfare

2024 Forthcoming publication from Animal Welfare from a Cross-Cultural Perspective in Animals. It is argued that extant cross-cultural research on animal welfare often overlooks or gives insufficient attention to new governance theory, civil society, politics, and the realities of devolved or (quasi-)federal, multi-level governance in the modern state. This paper synthesizes relevant social theory and draws on…

British Journal of Educational Studies 66(1) cover
Recent Trends in Formal School Exclusions in Wales

Historically Wales has been regarded as a country with relatively low levels of school exclusion, particularly in comparison with England. This has been used as an indicator of Wales’ commitment to the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, which foregrounds a rights-based agenda that would argue school exclusion is a consequence of broader…

European journal of east asian studies
Civil Society Perspectives on Rights and Freedoms in the Association of Southeast Asian Nations

This pan-regional analysis of non-governmental organisations’ ( NGO ) perspectives on the contemporary factors which constrain or repress civil society in the Association of Southeast Asian Nations ( ASEAN ) is based on United Nations’ Universal Periodic Review ( UPR ) data. It shows that, paradoxically, whilst the majority of ASEAN states have ratified the…

Journal Cover
A Welsh Innovation in Inclusive Governance. Examining the Efficacy of the Statutory Third Sector-Government Partnership for Engaging the Third Sector in Policymaking

This paper employs a discursive institutionalist lens to examine the efficacy of the Welsh statutory partnership between the government and the third sector (that is, the voluntary sector, the economic sector consisting of non-governmental organisations and other non-profit organisations). This is a governance innovation associated with devolution, designed to foster inclusive governance. It is set…

Journal Cover
Disruptive Technologies for e-Diasporas: Blockchain, DAOs, Data Cooperatives, Metaverse, and ChatGPT

E-diasporas are networks driven by human agency, connecting digital citizens to their home countries and diasporic fellows through digital tools. In contrast, Hyperconnected Diasporas (HD) are data-driven networks engaged in extractive activities, often employed for government (para)diplomacy, heavily relying on social media extractivist data-opolies or Big Tech platforms. This article examines the impact of disruptive…

Construction Management and Economics cover
Evaluating social procurement: a theoretically informed and methodologically robust social return on investment (SROI) analysis of a construction training initiative developed to reduce the risk of youth homelessness in Wales

Despite widespread claims about the benefits of social procurement, there is little robust evidence that emerging social procurement policies are achieving their intended outcomes. Addressing this gap in research, this paper presents a case study of a theoretically informed and methodologically robust evaluative social return on investment (SROI) analysis of a construction training initiative developed…

The Geographical Journal Cover
Rural recovery or rural spatial justice? Responding to multiple crises for the British countryside

This commentary proposes the adoption of a spatial justice approach to under-standing the multiple crises facing rural Britain and developing policy responses. It introduces spatial justice as a concept rooted in urban studies but recently ex-tended by an emerging literature on rural spatial justice, and outlines a multidi-mensional framework in which spatial justice may be…

Electoral Studies cover
Understanding the disability voting gap in the UK

Using nationally representative longitudinal data from Understanding Society we explore the relationship between disability and political participation in the UK. More specifically, we examine the determinants of the ‘disability voting gap’, and assess how it varies by the severity, type and chronicity of disability. After accounting for demographic characteristics, the disability voting gap across UK General Elections…