Mae'r cynnwys hwn ar gael yn Saesneg yn unig.

Keynote Speaker: Dr John Barry, Director of the Centre for Sustainability and Environmental Research, Queens University, Belfast

This event brought together grassroots activists, policy makers and academics from across Wales with interests in local community sustainability and/or environmental campaigns and initiatives, as a network and knowledge exchange opportunity, and also ‘launched’ the WISERD thematic network on environment, tourism and leisure. Dr John Barry from Queens University Belfast gave a keynote talk on the topic of ‘Vulnerability and Resilience in Contemporary Green Thought’.


Presentations and Resources

Click the links below to access presentations and resources relating to this event.

1. John Barry, Queens University Belfast

2. Community Environment and Sustainability (Ken Moon, Cylch)

3. Climate Change Consortium (Saskia Pagella, C3W)

4. Communicating Local Stories (Shelagh Hourahane, Creu-ad Heritage) (To download the handout, click here)

5. Sel Williams, Bangor University

6. Introducing the Wales Environment Research Hub (Shaun Russell, WERH)

7. Tackling Climate Change (Jessica McQuade, Wales Council for Voluntary Action)

8. Wales Africa Links (Craig Owen, Wales Council for Voluntary Action)