Mae'r cynnwys hwn ar gael yn Saesneg yn unig.

The event will introduce WISERD’s free data mapping and analysis tool, the WISERD Data Portal

The workshop will show you how to use the DataPortal to access and map social and economic data made freely available as data feeds by UK and Welsh Governments. The portal allows users to discover social, demographic and economic data relating to Wales. This includes data from a variety of sources, such as the Office for National Statistics and Welsh Government, and disciplines, such as health, education, employment and demographic data from the Census. Once you have found the relevant data, the DataPortal can map this data for you or it can be downloaded for further analysis. You will also learn how to map your own data in the DataPortal and combine it with other data.

As we are still developing this tool, workshop participants will be able to provide feedback on the Data Portal and how it could be improved.

After this workshop attendees from third sector organisations will be able to apply for free, one-to-one support to continue to use the DataPortal to carry out a piece of research. The project must be related to Wales and use existing data sources. WISERD can provide assistance and training on using the DataPortal, advice on the types of data available and how it can be used, help and advice on mapping and basic analysis, and assistance with data presentation.

Who should attend?

This event is for those who work in voluntary sector or civil society organisations, policy makers and researchers. We will ask all participants to bring some data with them. This can be anything from a simple spreadsheet containing member/service user information to more complex research data.