WISERD welcomes Professor from Russian Academy of Science

Mae'r cynnwys hwn ar gael yn Saesneg yn unig.

WISERD colleagues were delighted to welcome Professor Grigori Kliucharev from the Institute of Sociology at the Russian Academy of Science last month, as part of the WISERD Civil Society seminar series.

Professor Kliucharev’s presentation, ‘Social and political participation in building democracy in Russia: The role of literacy programmes and educational reforms’, is based on research data on literacy, and social and political participation in Russia. This was conducted in 2014-2016 by Professor Grigori Kliucharev and Dr Irina Trofimova, from the Institute of Sociology at the Russian Academy of Science. The key question they are seeking to answer is, “How has education responded to social change in Russia and how do literacy levels correspond to social and political activity?”

Professor Kliucharev’s presentation provided a fascinating insight into the changing relationship between education and politics in Russia. Attendees asked a variety of questions, which provoked an interesting discussion around the concept of ‘civic education’.

In a blog post following the presentation, Professor Kliucharev said, “Our surveys indicate that Russian citizens, are shifting gradually from the formal loyalty to the state and its agencies – which was typical for the former Soviet Union to a new form of civic knowledge and competence. This is a combination of political knowledge with the practical skills necessary for participation in public life.”

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