Mae'r cynnwys hwn ar gael yn Saesneg yn unig.


The Foundational Economy and the Civil Sphere | Filippo Barbera and Ian Rees Jones

Part 1: Governance and Public Action

Re-embedding the Economy within Digitalized Foundational Sectors: The Case of Platform Cooperativism | Davide Arcidiacono and Ivana Pais

Reframing Public Ownership in the Foundational Economy: (Re)discovering a Variety of Forms | Leonhard Plank

The Nonprofit Paradox after the Crisis: How to Survive within a Changing Scenario | Sandro Busso and Joselle Dagnes

Part 2: Housing and Urban Life

Planning with Citizenship: An Idea whose time has come in Greater Manchester? | Julie Froud, Mike Hodson, Sukhdev Johal, Hua Wei and Karel Williams

Housing and the grounded city: Rent extraction and social innovations | Massimo Bricocoli and Angelo Salento

Part 3: Water and Waste

Waste Management and Value Extraction in Italy: Where is the Citizen? Waste to Worth | Dario Minervini

Civil Society and the Movement for Public Water: Water Management and its Transformation in England and Italy | Sergio Marotta and Ferdinando Spina

Part 4: Food

Changing Food Supply Chains: The Role of Citizens and Civil Society Organisations in Working Towards a Social Economy | Fabio Mostaccio

Foodscapes of Hope: The Foundational Economy of Food | Kevin Morgan


Conclusions and New Policy Directions | Filippo Barbera and Ian Rees Jones