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Peace and War Historical, Philosophical, and Anthropological Perspectives cover
Peace and War Historical, Philosophical, and Anthropological Perspectives

Peace and War: Historical, Philosophical, and Anthropological Perspectives is an accessible, higher-level critical discussion of philosophical commentaries on the nature of peace and war. It introduces and analyses various philosophies of peace and war, and their continuing theoretical and practical relevance for peace studies and conflict resolution. Using a combination of both historical and contemporary philosophical perspectives,…

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Considering the Role of the Teacher: Buber, Freire and Gur-Ze’ev

This article considers three different concepts of the role of the teacher. Buber understands the teacher as the builder-teacher of a dialogical community playing a fundamental role in the character formation of individuals. Freire develops this notion, adding a political tinge, and argues for a political-teacher who plays a central role in the formation of critical individuals and in…

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Internationalization of Higher Education: some reflections on Russia and China

Given that there appears to be a dichotomy within the BRICS, we focus on Russia and China, discussing recent developments in their respective Higher Educational systems, and what these changes might mean in terms of internationalization. Moreover, given that the importance of Higher Education for a balanced development is something that is now widely recognised by International Organizations,…

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Philosophy, Dialogue, and Education: Nine Modern European Philosophers

Philosophy, Dialogue, and Education is an advanced introduction to nine key European social philosophers: Martin Buber, Mikhail Bakhtin, Lev Vygotsky, Hannah Arendt, Emmanuel Levinas, Maurice Merleau-Ponty, Simone Weil, Michael Oakeshott, and Jürgen Habermas. This detailed yet highly readable work positions the socio-political views of each philosopher within a European tradition of dialogical philosophy; and reflects on…

The Contrasting Philosophies of Martin Buber and Frantz Fanon: The political in Education as dialogue or as defiance*

Education has two distinct but interconnected layers. There is an outer layer concerned with knowledge transfer and skills and an inner layer concerned with the development of character and relationships with others, both individually and socially. This inner layer provides the individual with the capacity to influence and to change society. In that sense, such…

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Buber and Education: Dialogue as conflict resolution

After Buber’s death the appreciation of his considerable legacy to the various disciplines in which he had worked became rather muted, but was never completely forgotten. There is now a renewed and growing interest in Buber’s thought, especially in his philosophy of education. This book brings together aspects of Buber’s philosophy and educational practice, and…