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Peace Review 32(4) front cover
No One is an Island at a Time of Pandemic

Professor John Morgan, together with Dr Ana Zimmermann of the University of São Paulo, Brazil,  has published ‘No One is an Island at a Time of Pandemic’ in a special issue of Peace Review: A Journal of Social Justice on the social and cultural impact of COVID-19. The article considers the fundamental ethical question of how responsibility for the…

Peace Review 32(4) front cover
Play, Sport, and Dialogue as Pathways to Peace?

Peace Review 32(4) pp 434-440 How can play, sport, and dialogue may be used as pathways to peace? In the pioneering classic of cultural history, Homo Ludens, the Dutch historian Johan Huizinga describes play as an informal voluntary activity according to guided rules accepted freely under limits of space and time. The purpose is to create…