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Chinese Culture and Adult Learning: Between Tradition and Experiment
Chinese Culture and Adult Learning: Between Tradition and Experiment

Learning has occupied a prominent place in Chinese culture since ancient times with the philosophy and practice of K’ung Ch’iu, (c551-c479, BCE), known to the Occident as Confucius, a pervasive influence (Liu Wu-Chi 1955). The promotion of learning was the duty of Imperial officials, and this also achieved high levels of civic participation by local…

Educating for Chinese Politeness: A Lifelong Learning Pursuit - screenshot of first page
Educating for Chinese Politeness – A Lifelong Learning Pursuit

The Chinese language has many expressions of politeness such as “Li rang” or comity and “Rang li” or ceding profit. Yet, there is a contradiction between an image of Chinese amity and hospitality in private and the brashness exhibited in public places. Several factors explain this, not least the social anxiety of living in such…

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Chinese Concepts of Learning – A Break from Tradition?

The characteristics of the Chinese learner together with opportunities for educational exchange continue to be of academic and policy interest. Chinese society is now more urban and outward looking than in the past, yet it retains the core of its cultural heritage and is indeed trying to renew it. This article focuses on the effects…