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British Politics
Brexit and the NHS: voting behaviour and views on the impact of leaving the EU

This paper examines three aspects of Brexit with regards to the NHS. First, we consider the influence of views regarding one of the most contentious issues in the referendum campaign: Vote Leave’s claim that the ‘savings’ from EU membership could alternatively be used to provide additional funding for the NHS. We find that views about NHS…

International Journal of Manpower 34(2)
Welfare participation by immigrants in the UK

The purpose of this paper is to examine the welfare participation of immigrant groups in the UK, which has experienced a large growth in its immigrant flows and population levels in recent years, especially following EU enlargement in 2004. The analysis particularly focuses on the types of benefits that immigrants tend to claim, as well…

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Unified Assessment in Wales: older people with complex needs and their families

This report presents key findings from a recent study looking at the implementation of Unified Assessment (UA) from key stakeholder perspectives, including, older people, their carers and staff working in health and social care organizations. The work was funded by the Wales Office of Research and Development for Health and Social Care. This research was…

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Migrants’ skills and productivity: a European perspective

In this paper I propose that identity is momentary, fluid, and multiple while simultaneously providing us with a sense of sameness and continuity. Building on Valsiners ideas about human sense-making I suggest that we can reasonably deal with the multiplicity/unity paradox if we conceive of this process as resulting in the construction of a fuzzy…

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Productivity growth in the US and the EU: A sectoral study

During the course of this article we examine data gathered from two research meetings in which coding issues and data organization are being discussed in relation to the use of the software package Atlas.ti. The meetings were concerned with the organization and coding of semi-structured interviews carried out by three different groups as part of…

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Carers with Chronic Conditions: Changes Over Time in their Physical Health

Objectives: To explore the experiences of individuals with chronic conditions who are also caring for another person, usually a family member. Method: A postal questionnaire was distributed to carers across Wales on three occasions approximately 18 months apart. It included the SF-12v2 together with fixed-choice and open-ended questions relating to carer demographics, carer assessment, support…

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A Study of the Carers Strategy (2000): Supporting Carers in Wales

The Carers Strategies in England and Wales herald opportunities to develop new ways to support carers. This paper reports findings from a five-year study looking at the Carers Strategy in Wales. It presents interview data arising from fieldwork with carers and statutory and voluntary sector staff. Our findings highlight a gap between the positive perceptions…