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Rural vitalization promoted by industrial transformation under globalization: The case of Tengtou village in China

Globalization has deeply changed the rural socio-economic form and spatial pattern, and caused a comprehensive and profound transformation of rural industries. By establishing a theoretical analysis framework for industrial transformation, this paper firstly reveals the internal mechanism of industrial transformation to promote the diversified development and comprehensive vitalization of rural areas. Taking Tengtou, a developed…

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Recovering Tradition in Globalising Rural China: Handicraft Birdcages in Da’ou village

This article explores a historic rural craft tradition as the focus of economic development through the valorisation of the local cultural heritage, or culture economy. The case‐study traces the revival of bamboo birdcage making in Da’ou village in Shandong Province, where the craft knowledge of making birdcages once prized by the Chinese imperial court has…

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Shamanic spiritual activism: alternative development in the Brazilian Itamboatá valley

Drawing upon critiques that claim a lack of interest in spirituality in development studies, this paper aims to show how alternative ethical forms of development can be enacted when adopting shamanic spiritual worldviews. The paper draws upon ethnographic research conducted in Terra Mirim, an intentional shamanic community, located in the Itamboatá valley, Bahia, Brazil. Drawing…