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Research Methods in Employment Relations

Building on previous work that has examined the use of research methods in industrial relations/employment relations (IR/ER), particularly Whitfield and Strauss (2000), this chapter updates its empirical work and re-examines its key postulates. IR/ER research continues to show a wide range of research methods and approaches. It is highly empirical, with a large proportion of…

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Employee share ownership and organisational performance: a tentative opening of the black box

Purpose A range of studies have shown that performance is typically higher in organisations with employee share ownership (ESO) schemes in place. Many possible causal mechanisms explaining this relationship have been suggested. These include a reduction in labour turnover, synergies with other forms of productivity-enhancing communication and participation schemes, and synergies with employer-provided training. The…

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Do high-performance work practices exacerbate or mitigate the gender pay gap?

The impact of performance-oriented work practices on the gender pay gap has been the subject of considerable conjecture but little empirical investigation. Using the 2004 and 2011 British Workplace Employment Relations Surveys, the analysis finds that whilst average earnings are significantly higher for men and women across private sector workplaces that have introduced so-called high-performance…