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Regional & Federal Studies Journal Cover
Towards a territorial political capacity approach for studying European regions

This article proposes a framework for studying the territorial political capacity of regions in Europe. The proposed framework identifies three main dimensions of territorial political capacity. Mainly material indicators include institutions and institutional resources. Mixed material and constructed indicators centre on causal mechanisms of party and leadership capacity. Mainly constructed indicators are drawn from territorial…

Trust-transparency paradoxes: proceedings of an international conference

This short publication presents the main proceedings of an international conference held at Sciences Po Lyon, France, on 4 May 2018. The symposium pulled together several research initiatives around the central theme of trust–transparency paradoxes. Trust (and its corollary mistrust) lies at the heart of contemporary debates regarding governance and democracy.

Cover of the Journal of Trust Research
Political trust in France’s multi-level government

Trust has long been identified as an essential component of social, economic and political life. Since the mid-1990s, there has been renewed interest in the concept driven by its perceived decline and reengagement with concepts of social capital. The article acknowledges these debates, especially the general context of decline in trust in western democracies, including…

Réforme régionale et gouvernance multi-niveaux: la défiance des français

Montée des populismes, abstention récurrente, rejet des structures partisanes, profonde défiance vis-à-vis des élites politiques en général… La crise démocratique qui touche la France (comme d’autres pays comparables) n’est pas chose nouvelle1. Les derniers résultats d’une enquête de l’institut YouGov pour Sciences Po Lyon et Sciences Po Rennes révèlent le caractère multiniveaux de cette crise2….