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Local Government Studies
Throwing the Baby Out With the Bath Water? The Impact of Coalition Reforms on Identifying Sub-National Transport Priorities in England

The coalition government has set out plans to dismantle the regional tier and return powers to localities and Whitehall departments. These changes will have significant implications for the way in which transport policy is formulated and delivered in England. When in power, New Labour introduced a range of measures to strengthen governance arrangements for promoting…

Public Policy and Administration 27(4)
Promoting decentralized and flexible budgets in England: Lessons from the past and future prospects

The UK has traditionally been viewed as a classic example of a unitary state in which central institutions dominate decision making. The recent Labour Government sought to counter this convention through devolution to Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland and London and administrative decentralization to the English regions. This article examines New Labours efforts to promote sub-national…

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Managing complexity and uncertainty in regional governance networks: A critical analysis of state rescaling in England

Network management is viewed as a way of dealing with uncertainty in complex policy networks, but little is known about the types of network management strategies employed by regional actors to manage vertical and horizontal relations. Two central questions guide this paper. What network management strategies were employed to manage complexity and uncertainty in regional…

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Deal-making in Whitehall: Competing and complementary motives behind the Review of Sub-national Economic Development and Regeneration

Purpose The aim of this paper is to explore Whitehall motivations underpinning the Sub‐national Review of Economic Development and Regeneration. Design/methodology/approach The paper is based on interviews conducted with senior Whitehall officials involved in regional working. Findings The Sub‐national Review seeks to streamline regional structures and provide regions with enhanced autonomy. However, findings indicate that there are distinct…