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Moving Stories: Using Mobile Methods to Explore the Everyday Lives of Young People in Public Care

In this article we explore the ways in which mobile research methods can be utilised to create enabling research environments, encounters and exchanges, generating time and space for participants and researchers to co-generate and communicate meaningful understandings of everyday lives. The article focuses on the use of two mobile methods, ‘guided’ walks and car journey…

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Putting School Commercialism in Context: A Global History of Junior Achievement Worldwide

The literature on school commercialism, despite a number of successes in battling advertising and marketing in schools, has often seemed to only scratch the surface of corporatization of K‐12 education. While condemning corporations who seek to sell brand‐name products to kids in schools is a relatively straightforward matter, critiquing corporate efforts to promote ideologies, identities,…

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Introducing the Majority to Ethnicity: Do they like what they see?

Relatively little is known about what the ‘ethnic majority’ think about ethnicity and ‘national identity’ and indeed about whether they think about those things at all. Baumann (1996) has shown, in his study of Southall, that in a multi-ethnic social space where ‘white’ groups are numerical minorities, those communities (white English, Irish) do develop a…

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Identity, Brand or Citizenship: The Case of Post Devolution Wales

During the course of this article we explore three dimensions of subjectivity in relation to post-devolution Wales. The space of subjectivity is something that is experienced by individuals but also shaped by wider sociological, historical and economic forces. The article does not aim to provide an empirical analysis of this process per se but rather…

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Out-of-school Learning: Variations in Provision and Participation in Secondary Schools

There is overwhelming evidence of the benefits of out‐of‐school learning. It is likely to be particularly important for disadvantaged students who have fewer material and cultural resources in the home to supplement their classroom work. However, despite the research evidence and political moves to promote out‐of‐school learning, it would appear that the provision of such…

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GIScience, Environmental Justice, & Estimating Populations at Risk: The Case of Landfills in Wales

There has been a notable increase in the use of geographic information systems (GIS) in studies of environmental (in)justice in the last two decades. Whilst the potential of such techniques is increasingly being recognised, there remain some key research challenges facing researchers interested in wider notions of environmental justice (EJ). One avenue of research concerns…

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Deal-making in Whitehall: Competing and complementary motives behind the Review of Sub-national Economic Development and Regeneration

Purpose The aim of this paper is to explore Whitehall motivations underpinning the Sub‐national Review of Economic Development and Regeneration. Design/methodology/approach The paper is based on interviews conducted with senior Whitehall officials involved in regional working. Findings The Sub‐national Review seeks to streamline regional structures and provide regions with enhanced autonomy. However, findings indicate that there are distinct…