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Accessing care: Technology and the management of the clinic

In this chapter we focus on our field studies of different clinical spaces in one large UK regional teaching hospital and how they perform different, yet, perhaps, complementary kinds of ‘medicine’: emergency, genetic and critical care medicine. We focus on those moments and processes through which patients do, or do not, gain access to the…

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Carers with Chronic Conditions: Changes Over Time in their Physical Health

Objectives: To explore the experiences of individuals with chronic conditions who are also caring for another person, usually a family member. Method: A postal questionnaire was distributed to carers across Wales on three occasions approximately 18 months apart. It included the SF-12v2 together with fixed-choice and open-ended questions relating to carer demographics, carer assessment, support…

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A Study of the Carers Strategy (2000): Supporting Carers in Wales

The Carers Strategies in England and Wales herald opportunities to develop new ways to support carers. This paper reports findings from a five-year study looking at the Carers Strategy in Wales. It presents interview data arising from fieldwork with carers and statutory and voluntary sector staff. Our findings highlight a gap between the positive perceptions…

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Listening to Children in Care: A Review of Methodological and Theoretical Approaches to Understanding Looked After Children’s Perspectives

Recent years have witnessed substantial advances in the precision and availability of digital infrastructure data, remote sensing data, and microscale socioeconomic data for urban areas in many parts of the world. However, these data still remain deficient in detail especially with respect to the fine-grained property-level structural attributes that form the basis of housing-market models…

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Age-structured Human Capital Dynamics and Economic Growth: A Note on Interdependence, Coordination and Welfare

In this chapter, we critically review the role of age-structured human capital in economic growth in the space-time domain and suggest (i) a theoretical framework for modeling growth interdependence across countries due to cross-country human capital accumulation and (ii) construct an empirical test for dynamic spatial growth correlations. Although (aggregate) human capital has been widely…

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Exploring neglected dimensions of social policy: The social division of welfare, fiscal welfare and the exemplar of local taxation in England

Titmusss Social Division of Welfare (SDW) thesis is a vitally important but much neglected element of social policy analysis. This article seeks to explore the SDW, with a particular focus on fiscal welfare. Fiscal welfare has been described as forming a hidden welfare state, and while taxation is one of the main ways in which…