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Social Anthropologies of the Welsh: Past and Present book cover depicting daffodil in welsh flag colours
Social Anthropologies of the Welsh: Past and Present

A new collection of essays entitled Social Anthropologies of the Welsh: Past and Present, edited by Professor W. John Morgan and Dr Fiona Bowie will be published this month in the Royal Anthropological Institute’s Country Series. The book has its origins in a joint colloquium of the Royal Anthropological Institute, WISERD, the Learned Society of…

Revisiting the politics of the rural and the Brexit vote
Revisiting the politics of the rural and the Brexit vote

This chapter examines connections between Britain’s vote to leave the European Union in 2016 and the earlier British countryside protests in the early 2000s. Revisiting data on rural protests and activists collected in the mid-2000s alongside analysis of the Brexit campaign, the chapter compares the framing of the two movements and the motivations of participants….

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City Regions and Devolution in the UK: The Politics of Representation

In recent years, the ‘city region’ has seen a renaissance as the de-facto spatial centre of governance for economic and social development. Rich in case study insights, this book provides an overview of city region building and considers how governance restructuring shapes political, economic, social and cultural landscapes. Reviewing the Greater Manchester, Sheffield, Swansea Bay…

“From the moment those two joined the committee it’s been grunge bands, sumo wrestlers and souffle competitions”: What Ambridge’s civil society says about UK politics in 2019′

Flapjacks and Feudalism: Social Mobility and Class in The Archers | Section 5 It Takes a Village… | Chapter 15 This study examines the discursive accounts of civil society in a rural English village to understand what these reveal about contemporary political discourses. It employs a critical discourse analysis of the conversational interactions of Ambridge residents….

Remote Working: A Research Overview (1st ed.). Routledge.
Remote Working: A Research Overview

The coronavirus pandemic forced work back into the home on a massive scale. The long-held belief that work and home are separate spheres of economic life was turned on its head overnight. Many employees were new to this way of working and many employers had to manage a disparate workforce for the first time. This…

Rural Gerontology: Towards Critical Perspectives on Rural Ageing
Rural Studies of Ageing

Rural Gerontology: Towards Critical Perspectives on Rural Ageing  This chapter provides an overview of how ageing populations in rural communities and rural experiences of ageing have been studied in rural geography, rural sociology and related social science fields, reflecting the evolution of conceptual perspectives and approaches to rurality. We begin by discussing empirical accounts of…

Book cover of Handbook on the Changing Geographies of the State
Emerging citizenship regimes and rescaling (European) nation-states: algorithmic, liquid, metropolitan and stateless citizenship ideal types

From the Handbook on the Changing Geographies of the State – New Spaces of Geopolitics This chapter examines how state spaces throughout Europe are facing structural tensions as traditional ethnic nationalism increasingly comes into conflict with urban transformations. It argues that European citizenship is experiencing a unique set of city-regional and techno-political dynamics consisting of: (1)…

Smart City Citizenship book cover
Smart City Citizenship

Smart City Citizenship provides rigorous analysis for academics and policymakers on the experimental, data-driven, and participatory processes of smart cities to help integrate ICT-related social innovation into urban life. Unlike other smart city books that are often edited collections, this book focuses on the business domain, grassroots social innovation, and AI-driven algorithmic and techno-political disruptions,…

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Civil Society through the Lifecourse

Are young people blindly self-interested? How does university shape students’ political participation? Can busy parents and grandparents find time to volunteer? Challenging conventional thinking, leading academics explore how individuals’ relationships with civil society change over time as different lifecourse events and stages trigger and hinder civic engagement. Drawing on personal narratives, longitudinal cohort studies and…