Mae'r cynnwys hwn ar gael yn Saesneg yn unig.

Course LeadersProfessor Gary HiggsDr Scott Orford, Dr Robert Berry and Dr Richard Fry, WISERD Data Team

This workshop provided a basic introduction to mapping spatial data using a Geographical Information System (GIS) software package. A GIS package can be used to store, manage, visualise, analyse and present any data that is linked to a geographic location.

Researchers collect a vast amount of primary survey data, the majority of which will have some sort of geographical dimension (e.g. linked to address, postcode, census area, town, local authority). With the skills developed in this workshop, researchers with non-GIS backgrounds were able to plot their data onto a map, perform basic spatial analysis of that data and prepare cartographic presentations suitable for inclusion in research papers and presentations.

Participants also used open source GIS software which was freely available for them to use on their own PCs at home or work, without any licensing restrictions.