Gary’s current research projects include; GIS-based analysis in accessibility modelling; applications of GIS in medical geography; use of GIS and visualisation techniques in emergency planning; applying GIS techniques in collaborative environments and in particular the use of GIS in public participation arenas as part of decision support system frameworks; investigating the use of Public Participation GIS (PPGIS) in combination with multi-criteria decision analysis in the siting of facilities such as wind farms and landfill sites; investigating patterns of environmental (in) justice in the UK; researching the use of GIS in social science applications in Wales and associated capacity building.


Interview with Professor Gary Higgs, University of South Wales

Professor Gary Higgs from the University of South Wales talks about some of his latest research on accessibility to public services, and particularly those affected by COVID, such as banks and green spaces. He explains how his team are identifying gaps in provision and producing an evidence base with which organisations can more effectively plan the provision of services and reduce inequality in access.

Gary Higgs Bio