Mae'r cynnwys hwn ar gael yn Saesneg yn unig.

Presented by: Steve Marshall of Welsh Government, Melanie Jones, Stephen Drinkwater and Martin Heaven of Swansea University, Scott Orford, Chris Taylor, Alan Felstead and Rhys Davies of Cardiff University.


The Welsh Government makes a number of investments in survey and administrative data sources.

In terms of survey sources, the Welsh Government is responsible for conducting a number of surveys that are specific to Wales such as the National Survey for Wales(the successor to Living in Wales) and the Welsh Health Survey.

The Welsh Government has also funded ‘boosts’ to the samples of a number of existing UK surveys, such as the Annual Population Survey and Understanding Society. The Welsh Government has also supported significant investments in data infrastructure that seek to maximise the research potential of administrative sources, such as the Secure Anonymised Linkage Project based at Swansea University.

This workshop provided an overview of some of the key investments made in Welsh data to encourage new users of these resources. The event included presentations from researchers who have used these resources to provide exemplars of what can be done with these sources. Potential users of these sources from both academic and non-academic community are encouraged to attend. This event is being supported by the Welsh Section of the Regional Studies Association