WISERD Co-Director, Associate Director of ADRC-Wales
Cardiff University

As an applied quantitative researcher, I have undertaken a variety of research projects examining a variety of issues related to employment and the labour market. 

This research has been based on large scale primary data collection, as well as conducting analysis on secondary and administrative data sources.  As Associate Director of the Wales Administrative Data Research Centre, I am responsible for managing the User Support function of ADRC-Wales. 

Prior to joining WISERD, I worked at the Institute for Employment Research at Warwick University (1999-2006) and the Office for National Statistics (2006-09). 

Machines, platforms and capabilities
Machines, platforms and capabilities utilises mixed methods to examine the significance of different sectors of the gig economy within local labour markets, and includes the study of co-operative alternatives to more dominant forms of platform capitalism. Start date provided
Research Team:
Helen Blakely (Cardiff University), Wil Chivers (Cardiff University), Rhys Davies (Cardiff University)
Trade unions, grass roots activism and solidarity
Trade unions, grass roots activism and solidarity uses case studies from Europe, India and the UK, to examine forms of worker representation that are directly related to the changing role of women in work and society, and associated issues of civic gain and expansion. Start
Research Team:
Helen Blakely (Cardiff University), Rhys Davies (Cardiff University), Jean Jenkins (Cardiff University), Alex Bryson (Department of Social Science, UCL)
Journal Articles
The Dynamics of Disability and Work in Britain
A journal article in The Manchester School. Volume 86, Issue 3. This paper examines the dynamic relationship between work-limiting disability and labour market outcomes using longitudinal data created by matching individuals in the Local Labour Force Survey (2004–10). By...
Journal Articles
Local taxation and the relationship between incomes and property values
A journal article in Environment and Planning C: Government and Policy. Volume 25. The authors' concern is with the relationship between household income and property value, within the context of the debate about the fairness of council taxöthe property-based system of local...
October 2007