Mae'r cynnwys hwn ar gael yn Saesneg yn unig.

Funding: £119,000

The project was centred on young people and housing and had the following aims;

  • to determine the profile of the housing system in 2020
  • to ascertain young people’s housing aspirations and how they fit with the current housing system and the system likely to exist in 2020
  • to identify the ‘new’ winners and losers in the 2020 housing system
  • to assess the extent to which accepted typologies of young people’s housing pathways will be relevant in 2020
  • to identify the spatial dimensions of the 2020 UK housing system
  • to determine how policy and practice will need to change in response to patterns of housing need in 2020

The project fitted in with WISERD’s interests in housing, young people and socio-economic inequalities and how these are manifest across different groups and different places.


The programme culminated in a report for the Joseph Rowntree Foundation as well as academic and policy publications. The first of these publications, entitled ‘Young people and housing in 2020: identifying key drivers for change’, can be found by clicking here. The final report for the Joseph Rowntree Foundation, entitled ‘Housing options and solutions for young people in 2020′, can be found by clicking here.