Research Associate
Cardiff University

Dr Sioned Pearce researches devolved social policy in the UK and Europe. She examines the formation and impact of specific social policies to address welfare, poverty and (youth) unemployment, under different devolved and decentralised systems. She uses a range of research methods including qualitative interviews, visual data collection techniques, (policy) discourse analysis and quantitative analysis of primary and secondary data. From October 2019 she will be carrying out an ESRC funded, sub-state comparison of devolved social policy to address youth unemployment with a focus on the differing roles of civil society in the UK. 

Sioned also lectures at Cardiff University on the origins of the welfare state, British politics and international and global welfare regimes.

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Young People and the EU Referendum
This project is a study of young people’s attitudes towards and engagement with the EU referendum campaign. Using data from a dedicated UK-wide survey of under 30s and a wide range of publicly available data and academic research we will address four key themes.
Research Team:
Stuart Fox (Cardiff University), Sioned Pearce (Cardiff University)
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Analysing Focus Groups on Politics with Young People in Wales
This dataset exemplar outlines the process of analysing focus groups. It uses transcripts from research undertaken with 14- to 17-year-olds in Wales. The process of analysis, including the coding, categorising and theming, took place during July 2015. The aim was to explore...
January 2017
Cardiff Lunchtime Seminar
Monetary value of volunteering: filling a gap in government public spend?
10th April 2018 |
Presented by Sioned Pearce, Cardiff University This seminar is part of the Cardiff WISERD Lunchtime Seminar series. If you are an external guest, please contact us (029 2087 9338) to confirm availability of places. For further information please...
One-Day Symposium: Research Impact in the Social Sciences and Humanities
24th January 2017 |
A one-day symposium organised by WISERD and the Aberystwyth University Transformative Social Science Programme to discuss how to maximise the impact of research in the social sciences and humanities with non-academic audiences including policy-makers...