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Urban growth strategies in rural regions: building The North Wales Growth Deal

This paper discusses the creation of a growth deal for North Wales (The North Wales Growth Deal – NWGD). North Wales is primarily a rural region within the UK, withoutacore-city or large metropolitan centre.The paper examines how this urban dynamic, fostered around a pushing of the agglomerative growth model out of the city-region, is being…

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East, West and the Bit in the Middle: Localities in North Wales

This chapter examines ways of understanding and knowing north Wales, which in this instance, constitutes the six local authorities from Wrexham in the east, through Flintshire, Denbighshire, Conwy, Gwynedd, to Anglesey in the west. It encompasses the coastline of north and north west Wales, Snowdonia National Park and deep rural areas to the south of…

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Make do and mend after redundancy at Anglesey Aluminium: critiquing human capital approaches to unemployment

This article tracks workers responses to redundancy and impact on the local labour market and regional unemployment policy after the closure of a large employer, Anglesey Aluminium (AA), on Anglesey in North Wales. It questions human capital theory (HCT) and its influence on sustaining neo-liberal policy orthodoxy focused on supplying skilled and employable workers in…

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An Evaluation of the Women’s Turnaround Service in North Wales: Final Report to NOMS Cymru

This research report, commissioned by NOMS Cymru, evaluates the provision of Women’s Turnaround Services (WTS) by the North Wales Women’s Centre (NWWC), based in Rhyl, North Wales between 1 April 2010 and 31 March 2011. The Women’s Turnaround Service was piloted in North Wales in May 2009 and fully established by April 2010. The WTS…

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Anonymisation in Social Research

The ethical governance of social research is now well entrenched within the academy in the UK and elsewhere. Whereas, in the not so distant past, ethical research practice was a matter for the researcher to articulate and manage, research ethics are now a matter for institutions to govern. Departmental or University ethics committees or boards…

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Encountering the politics of technology: social movement linkage and frame emergence

Chapter in Quantum Engagements: Social Reflections of Nanoscience and Emerging Technologies, edited by Ferrari, A., Fiedeler, U., Coenen, C., Zülsdorf, T., Milburn, C. and Wienroth, M. Today, nanoscience and emerging technologies weave ever more tightly into the social fabric. Scientific and technological innovations at the infinitesimal depths of matter now entail cultural, political, and philosophical…

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Debating Human Genetics: Contemporary Issues in Public Policy and Ethics

Debating Human Genetics is based on ethnographic research focusing primarily on the UK publics who are debating and engaging with human genetics, and related bio and techno-science. Drawing on recent interviews and data, collated in a range of public settings, it provides a unique overview of multiple publics as they ‘frame’ the stake of the debates…