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Power, Agency and Participatory Agendas: A Critical Exploration of Young People’s Engagement in Participative Qualitative Research

This article critically explores data generated within a participatory research project with young people in the care of a local authority, the (Extra)ordinary Lives project. The project involved ethnographic multi-media data generation methods used in groups and individually with eight participants (aged 10—20) over a school year and encouraged critical reflexive practices throughout. The article…

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Moving Stories: Using Mobile Methods to Explore the Everyday Lives of Young People in Public Care

In this article we explore the ways in which mobile research methods can be utilised to create enabling research environments, encounters and exchanges, generating time and space for participants and researchers to co-generate and communicate meaningful understandings of everyday lives. The article focuses on the use of two mobile methods, ‘guided’ walks and car journey…

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Qualitative research, deliberative inquiry and policy making

Qualitative research and deliberative methods are increasingly being drawn upon to make citizen voices audible within policy debates. Qualitative research methods contribute to this by privileging the role of local contexts and cultures in shaping meanings and interpretations, focusing on the perspectives and experiences of participants to better understand their worlds. Deliberative methods involve a…

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Qualitative Researcher: Issue 10

This is issue 10 of the Cardiff University Qualitative Researcher.   It contains the following articles: Looking Back and Moving Forward Amanda Coffey Using Unconventional Media to Disseminate Qualitative Research Bella Dicks Rachel Hurdley Hearing the City: Reflections on Soundwalking Mags Adams Qualitative Research, Deliberative Inquiry and Policy Making Rob Evans Alex Hillman Gareth Rees…

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‘Becoming participant’: problematizing ‘informed consent’ in participatory research with young people in care

This article problematizes the slippery notion of `informed consent’ and its negotiation in participatory longitudinal ethnographic research with children and young people. It does so within the context of new ethical bureaucracies (Boden et al., in press; Hammersley, 2006). Drawing upon an Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC) funded methodological research project exploring the everyday…