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The Provision of Careers Guidance in Welsh Schools

Background and Objectives Careers guidance for young people is regarded as important for supporting positive labour market outcomes. In particular, by helping young people to develop their career management competencies and their roles as learners and workers, careers guidance can help reduce the number of young people who fall outside of the education, training or employment system and from becoming ‘NEETS’….

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Research Methods in Employment Relations

Building on previous work that has examined the use of research methods in industrial relations/employment relations (IR/ER), particularly Whitfield and Strauss (2000), this chapter updates its empirical work and re-examines its key postulates. IR/ER research continues to show a wide range of research methods and approaches. It is highly empirical, with a large proportion of…

Cover of "Evaluation of the Seren Network"
Gwerthusiad o Rwydwaith Seren

Ym mis Gorffennaf 2017, penododd Llywodraeth Cymru OB3 Research, ar y cyd â WISERD, i gynnal gwerthusiad o Rwydwaith Seren. Gallwch ei lawrlwytho yma Comisiynwyd gwerthusiad ffurfiannol a phroses o’r Rhwydwaith Seren i lywio penderfyniadau ynghylch y meini prawf ar gyfer cyfranogiad pobl ifanc a dylunio darpariaeth y rhaglen ar lefel genedlaethol a lleol. Amcanion…